Dupont ReBall Competition

The Beach capitalized on its clean, bright, and spacious museum setting to make a controlled easily understood elegant installation. By contrast, the balls’ new home in the Dupont Underground’s curving tunnel will be dark and mysterious, and not quite environmentally sterile. Old train tracks are not the place to be rolling around with balls – so the action can flip to the ceiling.
Whereas the beach was ‘safe’, this installation, “Ballsy”, is named for the perceived risk of an unknown shape shifting ceiling. Sounds of cascading balls combine with changing shadow patterns to heighten the drama. Along the way, visitors experience five playfully-dangerous scenarios:
First, the “Blockade Cascade”: at the entrance stairway, the way is blocked. When the brave approach, a motion sensor triggers the hoist to lift up the net at the entrance, sending a torrent balls away to the secured sides and back. The second encounter is with the “Blob attack”, named for unpredictability of a changing gravity determined form. Break laser beams and a hoist near you will lower the net – the blob attacks.  So what if you move out of the way but then shout? The next hoist over is triggered by a sound sensor. This chaos pushes the visitor toward the third experience, “Twister Tunnel”.  At first, this section of the tunnel is calm, just two nets curving along the walls. Then, a motion sensor is tripped and industrial fans blow thousands of balls up. Next comes the “Big Drop”. With a single centered pulley, all the power of gravity is unleashed when the balls tumble to the middle of the net. There are built up ball-beanbags on the sides to cushion panicked falls. The final experience is the “Bean Bag Swoop”. When someone rests on one of the beanbags, two hoists placed on opposite sides will work in tandem to direct the ball-flow toward the beanbag.
With a moving canopy, lasers, sensors, speakers, and spotlights, the Dupont Underground Re-ball experience will be interactive and exciting. The sensor-driven experience can be tailored by our AV consultant for the passage of crowds, individuals, or as more of an atmospheric backdrop for parties.