Sukkah City

New York | Union Square | 152 sf


Competition entry:

Vertical Structure | Positioned in the heart of Manhattan, the most vertical of cities, the Sukkah captures Old Testament vertical images:  The tapered ladder-like structure of the Temple Mount in the old City of Jerusalem, where God chose the Divine Presence to rest; Mount Sinai, where God revealed Himself, forming a Covenant with man; and Jacob’s Ladder, revealed in a dream that took place in the Temple Mount. Plywood and wood dowels secure the vertical structure.

Harvest Colors | Located at Union Square, a bustling intersection neighboring the Union Square Greenmarket, -- a farmers’ market where locally–grown, freshly-harvested produce is offered -- the Sukkah incorporates the Old Testament specifications of the Tabernacle Tent of Moses:  The Gate of the Tabernacle is to have blue, (heaven), purple (nobility), and red (sacrifice) colors woven together, with gold (i.e. yellow) accents (holiness).  Hundreds of colorful plastic harvest bins fill the structure -- they are reusable, recyclable, and can be donated to the local Greenmarket later.

Exposure/Enclosure | Tree branches wrapped with newly cut vines enclose the roof, leaving the center open to view the stars. Random wall openings allow the Sukkah to absorb the wind without becoming structurally moved.

Night Stars | City lights blind the starry sky.  Battery-operated lights are suspended from the roof to create the experience of night stars above. Bathed in white light, the Sukkah space shimmers through the wall openings to illuminate the Sukkah’s presence at night, revealing the harvest celebration for all to see.